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Welcome to my Blog!

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by Architecture.

'Archi' - from the Hellenic word meaning 'Beginning'

'Texture' - from the Hellenic word 'Techne' - Skill.

Architecture, 'The Beginning of the Skill', now that makes sense!

So, Architecture or being an Architect can actually be beyond the immediate thought of 'building' as in 'constrcuction' as in mud huts, bricks, timber etc.

We are Architects of our lives...

So what's my Blog all about?





Reside ?

Structure - Life or as in a Building.

I will stop Philosophising and 'chewing' over the word and its in depth meaning and translation and I will concentrate and explain what it IS all about!

As a child, I was taken to the most magnificent Architectural sites and early 'civilization' constructions of the world.

Seated above the tallest adult I had the best view and absorbed the detail visually like no one else!

Confronted by statues of Lions and Corinthian pillars...

My ancestry and lucky for me that I remembered.

Since that time, I have travelled to diverse destinations, mystical lands of various cultures and have discovered, learnt, worked, observed and enjoyed Architecture right up to the present.

My Artworks and as I expressively create and paint my paintings and design my designs and pictures and graphic images and as I photograph and design jewellery, all of my Artworks have a significant influence of Architecture.

Architecture has inspired my life, thoughts, feelings and creativity in every possible way.

View my Artworks and masterpieces at www.youtube.com/marisaangelisart and see how my works are clearly influenced by Architecture.

I hope that you enjoy my Blog and Art as much as I passionately Love and Like creating it.

EnJoy !


above: 'Grecian Key' - 'Greek Fret'

Ancient Hellenic Design used in Architecture and Art.

The Design is also known as 'Meander' or 'Meandros'

Named after the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor.

© Copyright - Marisa Angelis

☮Artist Designer Writer Poet Philanthropist Humanitarian Promoter

- Marisa Angelis holds 4 Australian nominations including ★Australian of the Year 2003, Role Model- Short List

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